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Dryer Vent Installation
We install many types of vents, including dryer vent, and we use code compliant practices when doing work. Having us install your dryer vent will help ensure it is done properly. Your dryer vent will be properly attached. Materials used will help ensure proper venting of moisture and other products of combustion. Our techniques and methods will also ensure longer term reliability, with less need to clean and maintain your vent, including less likelihood of the need to correct problems built into the venting system, such as those built in by individuals and companies with less knowledge and experience. Please call us when your project calls for the installation of a new dryer vent.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer vents can become filled with lint, something the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission cites as a fire hazard (ref.

Dryer vent cleaning: $69.95 when performed at the same time as an air conditioning or heating system tune-up.