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Regular maintenance optimizes performance, prevents breakdowns, and ensures safe operation. Annual planned maintenance of your heating and air conditioning equipment is recommended. For clients with both heating and air conditioning, ideally, we recommend two visits per year (one visit to check air conditioning mode operation and one to check heating mode operation). However, maintenance for both can be combined into a single visit. Our defined and refined procedures ensure your system is thoroughly and economically checked and maintained.

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Air conditioning season maintenance consists of a multi-point tune-up. Humidifiers are shut down and humidifier by-pass dampers closed, if applicable, to ensure efficient air conditioning system operation. We ensure your system is operating efficiently by ensuring coils and air moving components are clean and by monitoring the refrigeration cycle. If your system requires refrigerant, we will recommend appropriate corrective action to find and repair any leak and recharge the system. Even if your system does not require refrigerant, we check for signs of refrigerant leakage and ensure caps and compression fittings where refrigerant is prone to leak are adequately tight. Motors and bearings requiring lubrication are oiled or greased, and if applicable, blower belts are checked for wear, aligned, and properly tensioned. Electrical connections are also thoroughly checked. The end result is that your system will be ready to keep you comfortably cool all summer long.

Heating season maintenance consists of a multi-point tune-up and safety inspection. Safety checks ensure fossil fuel burning systems are venting properly and that deadly carbon monoxide is not being released into the occupied space of your building structure. Other safety checks ensure your heating system will shut off properly when certain unsafe or abnormal operating conditions occur as the result of component or systemic failure(s). Beyond safety, we ensure your system is operating efficiently by ensuring critical heat distribution system related components are operating properly and are clean. To ensure long term reliablity, motors and bearings requiring lubrication are properly oiled or greased. If applicable, blower belts are checked for wear, aligned, and properly tensioned. For fossil fuel burning systems, ignition system components requiring cleaning are cleaned, and system ignition is checked. To further ensure reliability, system electrical connections are also checked, and if it is felt a particular component is prone to fail during the upcoming season, it is flagged for replacement. We also monitor your system through a heating cycle to ensure all aspects of its operation are proper.

We recommend you let us maintain any attached humidifier when performing the other heating season maintenance above. When maintained, your humidifier will be cleaned, configured, and have its proper operation verified. We can also replace its evaporative media for you.

We also provide multi-point tune-ups for air source and geothermal heat pump systems.