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Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Since the last post, our third child (second daughter) was born.  Children are a blessing, and having three now is unbelievable to me.  Going from single to married with three kids in 8 years is almost insane and would drive anybody almost crazy.  Stress is daily, but expected and stretching / growing us, not breaking us.

2015 was a quieter year, coming off the heel of tearing apart our infrastructure and replacing it with a new and improved one.  We invested in software and new processes to better meet peoples needs, and this year we’ve done some computer hardware upgrades to further streamline things.  The heating and air conditioning work is relatively simple for technical people, but for them all of the business management processes can be inefficient and cumbersome.  The problems are apparent, and solutions within reach.  There are always new and improved tools, but integrating all those things together into an efficient whole, although a challenge, is also a joy to work on.  I am happy to have an engineering background and skills to address issues in a way I never could have prior to getting that education and background.  Complexity can be tough to manage, but with skills and tools available, a lot can and is being done here.

The first time I installed a geothermal heat pump, I got trained, but only then realized how little I knew.  I didn’t have equipment to put a ground loop under the earth.  I didn’t have a way to analyze the thermal conductivity of the soil for a vertical loop system.  I didn’t know how to determine the heating and air conditioning load of a home.  I didn’t know how to select equipment based on that load, and I didn’t know how to properly size and design an air distribution system to connect to that equipment.  That may be why that first system took me 6 months or so to install from first contact with the client, to installation of the ground loop and equipment by a third party contractor, to design and installation of proper ducts - not to mention understanding rules on disposal of asbestos covering the old system and dealing with the local municipality to get the proper permit(s).

We’ve gone from no customers to hundreds of them since starting, and we’ve reduced cycle time.  Now, we can offer multiple system options tailored to your specific project quickly, looking more thoroughly at all the issues involved with a highly engineered design process.  Reviewing this now, it appears we have reduced cycle time a minimum of 8 to possibly 16 fold, and we had to.  You cannot run a business, compete with everyone else and make a profit without stepping on the accelerator.  However, we aren’t speeding, we are getting people to their destination with a high degree of quality, ensuring a successful outcome for their project, along with better performance and comfort, as well as an installed cost that meets their budget.

We’ve also been able to add dedicated personnel, helping streamline maintenance and service work.

Please let us know if we can serve you, whether you need a tune-up, repair, or entirely new system.  Thank you.