Happy Spring, 2011

Winter is over, but the weather went from springlike to wintry again.  Colds with runny noses and sore throats, which we managed to avoid all winter, arrived along with the official start of spring.   Fortunately, the colds are fleeting, and we look forward to enjoying spring in good health.  We hope you and yours are doing well, and we wish you all a happy enjoyable spring.

Spring is the best time to get your air conditoning equipment ready for summer.  Having spring maintenance performed gives everyone the luxury of time to make important decisions about your system in the most thoughtful, stress-free way.  Once hot weather hits, if issues with your system were not previously identified and resolved, you will experience the inconvenience of being uncomfortable when you need your system most.

Spring maintenance allows your whole system to be thoroughly examined in a systematic manner.  If issues which require work beyond the scope of normal maintenance are identified during the maintenance process, in most cases they can be resolved on the spot without the cost of an additional visit.  In addition to ensuring basic maintenance is performed, spring maintenance also acts as a diagnostic filter, uncovering multiple issues at once without the expense of multiple diagnostic fee charges you may experience if waiting for a breakdown to occur.  Repairs which are beyond the scope of normal spring maintenance are less expensive when done at the time of spring maintenance.  If waiting until a breakdown occurs, and you also need regular maintenance performed, it may not be possible to perform maintenance the same day because of the high volume of calls we experience.

We feel certain we have one of the most thorough, cost effective maintenance routines in the business.  Our customers also tell us this.  Please consider the benefits mentioned in this post, and call 847-963-1583 to schedule a spring maintenance appointment  at a time that is convenient for you.

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